Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2007Physical and biological properties of barium cross-linked alginate membranes
Zimmermann, H.; Wählisch, F.; Baier, C.; Westhoff, M.; Reuss, R.; Zimmermann, D.; Behringer, M.; Ehrhart, F.; Katsen-Globa, A.; Giese, C.; Marx, U.; Sukhorukov, V.L.; Vasquez, J.A.; Jakob, P.; Shirley, S.G.; Zimmermann, U.
Journal Article
2006A biophysical approach to the optimisation of dendritic-tumour cell electrofusion
Sukhorukov, V.L.; Reuss, R.; Endter, J.M.; Fehrmann, S.; Katsen-Globa, A.; Geßner, P.; Steinbach, A.; Müller, K.J.; Karpas, A.; Zimmermann, U.; Zimmermann, H.
Journal Article
2006Swelling-activated pathways in human T-Lymphocytes studied by cell volumetry and electrorotation
Kiesel, M.; Reuss, R.; Endter, J.; Zimmermann, D.; Zimmermann, H.; Shirakashi, R.; Bamberg, E.; Zimmermann, U.; Sukhorukov, V.L.
Journal Article
2005Barium-alginate microcapsule formation for regenerative medicine validated by high speed video
Ehrhart, F.; Katsen-Globa, A.; Reuss, R.; Feilen, P.J.; Schelenz, S.; Sukhorukov, V.L.; Zimmermann, U.; Weber, M.M.; Zimmermann, H.
Conference Paper
2005Towards a medically approved technology for alginate-based microcapsules allowing long-term immunoisolated transplantation
Zimmermann, H.; Zimmermann, D.; Reuss, R.; Feilen, P.J.; Manz, B.; Katsen, A.; Weber, M.; Ihmig, F.R.; Ehrhardt, F.; Geßner, P.; Behringer, M.; Steinbach, A.; Wegner, L.H.; Sukhorukov, V.L.; Vasquez, J.A.; Schneider, S.; Weber, M.M.; Volke, F.; Wolf, R.; Zimmermann, U.
Journal Article
2004Intracellular delivery of carbohydrates into mammalian cells through swelling-activated pathways
Reuss, R.; Ludwig, J.; Shirakashi, R.; Ehrhart, F.; Zimmermann, H.; Schneider, S.; Weber, M.M.; Zimmermann, U.; Schneider, H.; Sukhorukov, V.L.
Journal Article