Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021High-Throughput Screening for CEBPD-Modulating Compounds in THP-1-Derived Reporter Macrophages Identifies Anti-Inflammatory HDAC and BET Inhibitors
Ullmann, T.; Luckhardt, S.; Wolf, M.; Parnham, M.J.; Resch, E.
Journal Article
2020Machine-learned association of next-generation sequencing-derived variants in thermosensitive ion channels genes with human thermal pain sensitivity phenotypes
Lötsch, J.; Kringel, D.; Geisslinger, G.; Oertel, B.G.; Resch, E.; Malkusch, S.
Journal Article
2020Systematic Discovery of Short Linear Motifs Decodes Calcineurin Phosphatase Signaling
Wigington, C.P.; Roy, J.; Damle, N.P.; Yadav, V.K.; Blikstad, C.; Resch, E.; Wong, C.J.; Mackay, D.R.; Wang, J.T.; Krystkowiak, I.; Bradburn, D.A.; Tsekitsidou, E.; Hong, S.H.; Kaderali, M.A.; Xu, S.-L.; Stearns, T.; Gingras, A.-C.; Ullman, K.S.; Ivarsson, Y.; Davey, N.E.; Cyert, M.S.
Journal Article
2019Visualisation of KPIs in zero emission neighbourhoods for improved stakeholder participation using Virtual Reality
Wiberg, A.H.; Lovhaug, S.; Mathisen, M.; Tschoerner, B.; Resch, E.; Erdt, M.; Prasolova-Forland, E.
Conference Paper
2018Machine-learned analysis of the association of next-generation sequencing-based human TRPV1 and TRPA1 genotypes with the sensitivity to heat stimuli and topically applied capsaicin
Kringel, D.; Geisslinger, G.; Resch, E.; Oertel, B.G.; Thrun, M.C.; Heinemann, S.; Lötsch, J.
Journal Article
2017Drugging the pain epigenome
Niederberger, E.; Resch, E.; Parnham, M.J.; Geisslinger, G.
Journal Article
2017Emergent biomarker derived from next-generation sequencing to identify pain patients requiring uncommonly high opioid doses
Kringel, D.; Ultsch, A.; Zimmermann, M.; Jansen, J.P.; Ilias, W.; Freynhagen, R.; Griessinger, N.; Kopf, A.; Stein, C.; Doehring, A.; Resch, E.; Lötsch, J.
Journal Article
2017PP2A-B′ holoenzyme substrate recognition, regulation and role in cytokinesis
Wu, C.-G.; Chen, H.; Guo, F.; Yadav, V.K.; McIlwain, S.J.; Rowse, M.; Choudhary, A.; Lin, Z.; Li, Y.; Gu, T.; Zheng, A.; Xu, Q.; Lee, W.; Resch, E.; Johnson, B.; Day, J.; Ge, Y.; Ong, I.M.; Burkard, M.E.; Ivarsson, Y.; Xing, Y.
Journal Article
2017THP-1 and human peripheral blood mononuclear cell-derived macrophages differ in their capacity to polarize in vitro
Shiratori, H.; Feinweber, C.; Luckhardt, S.; Linke, B.; Resch, E.; Geisslinger, G.; Weigert, A.; Parnham, M.J.
Journal Article
2016Alternative exon usage creates novel transcript variants of tumor suppressor SHREW-1 gene with differential tissue expression profile
Klemmt, P.A.B.; Resch, E.; Smyrek, I.; Engels, K.; Stelzer, E.H.K.; Starzinski-Powitz, A.
Journal Article
2016Disagreement between two common biomarkers of global DNA methylation
Knothe, C.; Shiratori, H.; Resch, E.; Ultsch, A.; Geisslinger, G.; Doehring, A.; Lötsch, J.
Journal Article
2016High-throughput analysis of global DNA methylation using methyl-sensitive digestion
Shiratori, H.; Feinweber, C.; Knothe, C.; Lötsch, J.; Thomas, D.; Geisslinger, G.; Parnham, M.J.; Resch, E.
Journal Article
2016The impact of endurance exercise on global and AMPK gene-specific DNA methylation
King-Himmelreich, T.S.; Schramm, S.; Wolters, M.C.; Schmetzer, J.; Möser, C.V.; Knothe, C.; Resch, E.; Peil, J.; Geisslinger, G.; Niederberger, E.
Journal Article