Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2015Investment risks of utility-scale PV: Opportunities and limitations of risk mitigation strategies to reduce uncertainties of energy yield predictions
Müller, B.; Heydenreich, W.; Reich, N.; Reise, C.; Farnung, B.
Conference Paper
2015On-site performance verification to reduce yield prediction uncertainities
Reich, N.; Zenke, J.; Müller, B.; Kiefer, K.; Farnung, B.
Conference Paper
2013Monitoring of photovoltaic systems: Good practices and systematic analysis
Woyte, A.; Richter, M.; Moser, D.; Mau, S.; Reich, N.; Jahn, U.
Conference Paper
2012Case E: Design of a solar-powered wireless computer mouse
Sark, W. van; Reich, N.
Book Article
2012Performance ratio revisited: Is PR > 90% realistic?
Reich, N.H.; Mueller, B.; Armbruster, A.; Sark, W.G.J.H.M. van; Kiefer, K.; Reise, C.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2012Review of PV performance ratio development
Sark, W.G.J.H.M. van; Reich, N.H.; Müller, B.; Armbruster, A.; Kiefer, K.; Reise, C.
Conference Paper
2012Spectrally selective sensors for PV system performance monitoring
Driesse, A.; Dirnberger, D.; Reise, C.; Reich, N.
Conference Paper
2012System performance analysis and estimation of degradation rates based on 500 years of monitoring data
Reich, N.H.; Goebel, A.; Dirnberger, D.; Kiefer, K.
Conference Paper
2011Quality assurance of large scale PV power plants
Kiefer, K.; Reich, N.H.; Dirnberger, D.; Reise, C.
Conference Paper
2011Simplifying measurements of spectral irradiance
Dirnberger, D.; Reise, C.; Costello, J.; Heydenreich, W.; Reich, N.
Conference Paper
2004Brennstoffzellen zur dezentralen Stromversorgung auf dem Rappenecker Hof
Kaiser, R.; Reich, N.; Roth, W.; Steinhüser, A.; Schneider, M.; Höcker, V.
Conference Paper