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2017Endovascular stroke treatment now and then
Gadow, Niels von; Nikoubashman, Omid; Freiherr, Jessica; Block, Frank; Reich, Arno; Fesl, Gunther; Wiesmann, Martin
Journal Article
2017Integration methods for thermosensitive gel systems in garments
Reich, A.; Rödel, H.; Stoll, A.; Liske, A.; Zehm, D.
Conference Paper
2009P16-33. Standardized serum-free cryomedia have minimum cytotoxicity and maintain antigen-specific T-cell response
Schulz, J.C.; Zimmermann, H.; Reich, A.; Kemp-Kampke, B.; Briesen, H. von; Germann, A.
Journal Article
2008The air spring effect of flat panel speakers
Beer, D.; Schuster, M.; Jahr, M.; Reich, A.
Conference Paper
2008New modular HIV-cryosubstrates for secure and reliable sample identification and DMSO reduction in cryopreserved peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Schulz, J.C.; Ihmig, F.R.; Durst, C.H.; Shirley, S.G.; Reich, A.; Noah, C.; Korioth, F.; Kromminga, A.; Climaco, M.; Germann, A.; Zimmermann, H.; Briesen, H. von
Conference Paper, Journal Article