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2014Polymer-based acoustic streaming for improving mixing and reaction times in microfluidic applications
Cardoso, V.F.; Knoll, T.; Velten, T.; Rebouta, L.; Mendes, P.M.; Lanceros-Méndez, S.; Minas, G.
Journal Article
2003Effects of the morphology and structure on the elastic behavior of (Ti,Si,Al)N nanocomposites
Calvalho, S.; Ribeiro, E.; Rebouta, L.; Vaz, F.; Alves, E.; Schneider, D.; Cavaleiro, A.
Journal Article
2002Residual stress states in sputtered Ti1-xSixNy films
Vaz, F.; Rebouta, L.; Goudeau, P.; Riviere, J.P.; Schäffer, E.; Kleer, G.; Bodmann, M.
Journal Article
2002Young's modulus of (Ti,Si )N films by surface acoustic waves and indentation techniques
Vaz, F.; Carvalho, S.; Rebouta, L.; Silva, M.Z.; Paul, A.; Schneider, D.
Journal Article
2001Elastic properties of (Ti,Al,Si N ) nanocomposite films
Carvalho, S.; Vaza, F.; Rebouta, L.; Schneider, D.; Cavaleiro, A.
Journal Article