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2018Smart data and the industrial internet of things
Beecks, C.; Rasheed, H.; Grass, A.; Devasya, S.; Jentsch, M.; Soto, J.A.C.; Tavakolizadeh, F.; Linnemann, A.; Eisenhauer, M.
Book Article
2016Leveraging use of software-license-protected applications in Clouds
Ziegler, Wolfgang; Rasheed, Hassan; Catewicz, Karl
Conference Paper
2012A standards-based approach for negotiating service QoS with cloud infrastructure providers
Rasheed, Hassan; Rumpl, Angela; Wäldrich, Oliver; Ziegler, Wolfgang
Conference Paper
2010Demonstration of the SmartLM license management technology for distributed computing infrastructures
Rasheed, H.; Rumpl, A.; Ziegler, W.; Gozalo, M.
Conference Paper
2010Running license protected applications with SmartLM and UNICORE
Rasheed, H.; Rumpl, A.; Ziegler, W.; Hagemeier, B.; Mallmann, D.; Eickenbusch, H.
Conference Paper
2010SCAI-VHTS - a fully automated virtual high throughput screening framework
Klatt, T.; Rasheed, H.; Shahid, M.; Wäldrich, O.; Ziegler, W.
Journal Article
2009Models and internals of the IANOS resource broker
Keller, V.; Rasheed, H.; Wäldrich, O.; Ziegler, W.; Gruber, R.; Sawley, M.-C.; Wieder, P.
Journal Article
2008IANOS: An intelligent application oriented scheduling framework for an HPCN grid
Rasheed, H.; Gruber, R.; Keller, V.; Ziegler, W.; Wäldrich, O.; Kuonen, P.; Wieder, P.
Conference Paper
2007IANOS: An intelligent application oriented scheduling middleware for a HPC grid
Rasheed, H.; Gruber, R.; Keller, V.; Wäldrich, O.; Ziegler, W.; Wieder, P.; Kuonen, P.; Sawley, M.-C.; Maffioletti, S.; Kunszt, P.