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2020Synchrotron micro-CT for studying coarsening in milk protein-stabilized foams in situ
Graetz, J.; Dombrowski, J.; Eggert, A.; Rack, A.; Kulozik, U.; Hinrichs, J.; Hanke, R.; Zabler, S.
Journal Article
2020Time-resolved phase-contrast microtomographic imaging of two-phase solid-liquid flow through porous media
Ohser, J.; Dobrovolskij, D.; Blankenburg, C.; Rack, A.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2019Dynamic compression of 3D printed metallic microstructures with in-situ X-ray imaging
Jäcklein, Martin; Kappe, Konstantin; Pfaff, Aron; Bierdel, Marius; Hoschke, Klaus; Wickert, Matthias; Riedel, Werner; Forster, Jacob; Eakins, Daniel; Escauriza, Emilio; Smith, Liam; Rack, Alexander
Conference Paper
2019Estimation of filler macro‐dispersion in rubber matrix by radiometric stereo microscopy
Ohser, J.; Lacayo-Pineda, J.; Putman, M.; Rack, A.; Dobrovolskij, D.
Journal Article
2017Synchrotron microtomography investigation of the filament microstructure in differently processed Bi-2212 wires
Scheuerlein, C.; Rack, A.; Schladitz, K.; Huwig, L.
Journal Article
2016Finding robust descriptive features for the characterization of the coarsening dynamics of three dimensional whey protein foams
Dittmann, J.; Eggert, A.; Lambertus, M.; Dombrowski, J.; Rack, A.; Zabler, S.
Journal Article
2015Closing the gap on dental implants
Zabler, Simon; Wiest, Wolfram; Rack, Alexander; Nelson, Katja
Journal Article
2015In situ microradioscopy and microtomography of fatigue-loaded dental two-piece implants
Wiest, Wolfram; Zabler, Simon; Rack, Alexander; Fella, Christian; Balles, Andreas; Nelson, Katja; Schmelzeisen, Rainer; Hanke, Randolf
Journal Article
2015Non-destructive imaging analysis of unstable foam structures using 3D X-ray computed tomography
Eggert, A.; Supper, M.; Nachtrab, F.; Dombrowski, J.; Rack, A.; Zabler, S.
Conference Paper
2014Characterization of multilayer structures in fiber reinforced polymer employing synchrotron and laboratory X-Ray CT
Wirjadi, O.; Godehardt, M.; Schladitz, K.; Wagner, B.; Rack, A.; Gurka, M.; Nissle, S.; Noll, A.
Journal Article
2014High-speed in-situ tomography of liquid protein foams
Eggert, Anja; Müller, Martina; Nachtrab, Frank; Dombrowski, Jannika; Rack, Alexander; Zabler, Simon
Journal Article
2014Microstructural analysis of a C/SiC ceramic based on the segmentation of X-ray phase contrast tomographic data
Wirjadi, O.; Rack, A.; Liebscher, A.; Schladitz, K.; Meinhardt, J.; Shafei, B.; Steidl, B.
Journal Article
2012Beyond imaging: On the quantitative analysis of tomographic volume data
Redenbach, C.; Rack, A.; Schladitz, K.; Wirjadi, O.; Godehardt, M.
Journal Article
2012Estimation of the probability of finite percolation in porous microstructures from tomographic images
Ohser, J.; Ferrero, C.; Wirjadi, O.; Kuznetsova, A.; Düll, J.; Rack, A.
Journal Article
2012A versatile indirect detector design for hard X-ray microimaging
Douissard, Paul Antoine; Cecilia, Angelica; Rochet, X.; Chapel, X.; Martin, Thierry G.; Kamp, Thomas van de; Helfen, Lukas; Baumbach, Tilo; Luquot, Linda; Xiao, X.; Meinhardt, Jürgen; Rack, Alexander
Journal Article
2011Micropowder injection molding: Investigation of powder-binder separation using synchrotron-based microtomography and 3D image analysis
Weber, O.; Rack, A.; Redenbach, C.; Schulz, M.; Wirjadi, O.
Journal Article
2009Applications of anisotropic image filters for computing 2D and 3D-fiber orientations
Wirjadi, O.; Schladitz, K.; Rack, A.; Breuel, T.
Conference Paper
2008Analysis of spatial cross-correlations in multi-constituent volume data
Rack, A.; Helfen, L.; Baumbach, T.; Kirste, S.; Banhart, J.; Schladitz, K.; Ohser, J.
Journal Article