Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018An Ecosystem and IoT Device Architecture for Building Trust in the Industrial Data Space
Brost, G.S.; Huber, M.; Weiß, M.; Protsenko, M.; Schütte, J.; Wessel, S.
Conference Paper
2018Programming Experience Might Not Help in Comprehending Obfuscated Source Code Efficiently
Hänsch, N.; Schankin, A.; Protsenko, M.; Freiling, F.; Benenson, Z.
Conference Paper
2018Tackling Androids Native Library Malware with Robust, Efficient and Accurate Similarity Measures
Kalysch, A.; Milisterfer, O.; Protsenko, M.; Müller, T.
Conference Paper
2017Anti-ProGuard: Towards automated deobfuscation of android apps
Baumann, R.; Protsenko, M.; Müller, T.
Conference Paper
2017Classifying malware attacks in IaaS cloud environments
Rakotondravony, N.; Taubmann, B.; Mandarawi, W.; Weishäupl, E.; Xu, P.; Kolosnjaji, B.; Protsenko, M.; Meer, H. de; Reiser, H.P.
Journal Article
2017A cloud-based compilation and hardening platform for android apps
Busch, M.; Protsenko, M.; Müller, T.
Conference Paper