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2014Development of process and design criteria for stress management in through silicon vias
Hölck, Ole; Nuss, Max; Grams, Arian; Prewitz, Tobias; John, Peggy; Fiedler, Conny; Böttcher, Matthias; Walter, Hans; Wolf, M. Jürgen; Wittler, Olaf; Lang, Klaus-Dieter
Conference Paper
2014Modelling the lifetime of aluminum heavy wire bond joints with a crack propagation law
Grams, A.; Prewitz, T.; Wittler, O.; Schmitz, S.; Middendorf, A.; Lang, K.-D.
Conference Paper
2013Simulation of an aluminum thick wire bond fatigue crack by means of the cohesive zone method
Grams, A.; Prewitz, T.; Wittler, O.; Kripfgans, J.; Schmitz, S.; Middendorf, A.; Müller, W.H.; Lang, K.-D.
Conference Paper
2012Investigation of pulse overload-behavior of a high-current connector with transient-thermo-electric FEM simulation
Bochow-Ness, O.; Grams, A.; Hoene, E.; Huber, S.; Lang, K.-D.; Potter, H.; Prewitz, T.; Wittier, O.; Wust, F.
Conference Paper