Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Pesticide exposure assessment for surface waters in the EU. Pt.2: Determination of statistically based run-off and drainage scenarios for Germany
Bach, Martin; Diesner, Mirjam; Großmann, Dietlinde; Guerniche, Djamal; Hommen, Udo; Klein, Michael; Kubiak, Roland; Müller, Alexandra; Preuss, Thomas G.; Priegnitz, Jan; Reichenberger, Stefan; Thomas, Kai; Trapp, Matthias
Journal Article
2016Ecological recovery potential of freshwater organisms: Consequences for environmental risk assessment of chemicals
Gergs, Andre; Classen, Silke; Strauss, Tido; Ottermanns, Richard; Brock, Theo C.M.; Ratte, Hans Toni; Hommen, Udo; Preuss, Thomas G.
Book Article
2016How to use mechanistic effect models in environmental risk assessment of pesticides: Case studies and recommendations from the SETAC workshop MODELINK
Hommen, Udo; Forbes, Valery; Grimm, Volker; Preuss, Thomas G.; Thorbek, Pernille; Ducrot, Verginie
Journal Article
2014Ecological interactions affecting population-level responses to chemical stress in Mesocyclops leuckarti
Kulkarni, Devdutt; Hommen, Udo; Schäffer, Andreas; Preuss, Thomas G.
Journal Article
2014Recovery based on plot experiments is a poor predictor of landscape-level population impacts of agricultural pesticides
Topping, Christopher John; Kjær, Lene Jung; Hommen, Udo; Høye, Toke Thomas; Preuss, Thomas G.; Sibly, Richard M.; Vliet, Peter van
Journal Article
2013A plea for the use of copepods in freshwater ecotoxicology
Kulkarni, Devdutt; Gergs, André; Hommen, Udo; Ratte, Hans Toni; Preuss, Thomas G.
Journal Article