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2016Cross-species extrapolation of uptake and disposition of neutral organic chemicals in fish using a multispecies physiologically-based toxicokinetic model framework
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Journal Article
2015The minimum detectable difference (MDD) and the interpretation of treatment-related effects of pesticides in experimental ecosystems
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Journal Article
2014A contribution to the identification of representative vulnerable fish species for pesticide risk assessment in Europe - a comparison of population resilience using matrix models
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Journal Article
2014Georeferenced probabilistic risk assessment of pesticides
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2013A list of fish species that are potentially exposed to pesticides in edge-of-field water bodies in the European Union
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
2011Screening for realistic worst-case species of freshwater fish for pesticide risk assessment in edge-of-field water bodies in the EU
Ibrahim, L.; Preuss, T.G.; Hommen, U.
Conference Paper
2009CREAM: A European project on mechanistic effect models for ecological risk assessment of chemicals
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Journal Article
2009Development and validation of an individual based Daphnia magna population model: The influence of crowding on population dynamics
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Journal Article
2009Mechanistic effect models for ecological risk assessment of chemicals (MEMoRisk) - a new SETAC-Europe Advisory Group
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Journal Article