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2015High-performance composite-reinforced earthquake resistant buildings with self-aligning capabilities
Kasal, B.; Polocoser, T.; Guindos, P.; Urushadze, S.; Pospisil, S.; Heiduschke, A.; Rüther, N.; Zembaty, Z.
Conference Paper
2014Heavy laminated timber frames with rigid three-dimensional beam-to-column connections
Kasal, B.; Guindos, P.; Polocoser, T.; Heiduschke, A.; Urushadze, S.; Pospisil, S.
Journal Article
2001Alpha particle induced luminescence from multiple quantum wells
Kundrotas, J.; Dargys, A.; Granja, C.; Köhler, K.; Pospísil, S.; Remeikis, V.; Smith, K.M.
Conference Paper
2001Changes of MQW photoluminescence under alpha particle irradiation
Kundrotas, J.; Dargys, A.; Valusis, G.; Asmontas, S.; Granja, C.; Pospisil, S.; Köhler, K.
Journal Article