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2020Development of a Simple Setup for Temperature Dependent Mass Spectrometric Measurements for the Investigation of Outgassing Effects in Polymeric Materials for Solar Application
Piekarczyk, Andreas; Heitmann, Ulrike; Weiß, Karl-Anders; Köhl, Michael; Bald, Ilko
Journal Article
2018Development of highly efficient, glazed PVT collectors with overheating protection to increase reliability and enhance energy yields
Lämmle, M.; Hermann, M.; Kramer, K.; Panzer, C.; Piekarczyk, A.; Thoma, C.; Fahr, S.
Journal Article
2018Interaction of Permeates during the Measurement of Permeation Coefficients of Dense Polymer Films under Realistic Conditions
Piekarczyk, A.; Xu, X.; Köhl, M.; Weiß, K.-A.
Conference Paper
2018Organic PVT - A Novel Hybrid Collector Combining Organic Photovoltaics and Polymer Absorbers
Lämmle, M.; Hernandez Gonzalez, H.; Li, C.; Meir, M.; Piekarczyk, A.; Pitta Bauermann, L.; Rekstad, J.
Conference Paper
2017PVT-Modul, Isolierverglasung und deren Verwendung
Köhl, Michael; Piekarczyk, Andreas; Dürr, Ines; Zimmermann, Birger
2016Field Test for Polymeric Collector Models in Different Climatic Locations
Piekarczyk, A.; Volk, M.; Heck, M.; Wiesmeier, S.; Weiß, K.-A.; Köhl, M.
Journal Article
2015FEM-simulation of water vapor ingress into glass-glass-modules with polymeric edge sealant and a new experimental set up for permeation tests for sealing material
Klimm, E.; Piekarczyk, A.; Vogt, F.; Ballion, A.; Weiß, K.-A.; Köhl, M.
Conference Paper
2015Thermosiphonkollektor sowie Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung
Köhl, Michael; Piekarczyk, Andreas; Rekstad, John; Meir, Michaela
2014Task 39 exhibition - assembly of polymeric components for a new generation of solar thermal energy systems
Koehl, M.; Saile, S.; Piekarczyk, A.; Fischer, S.
Conference Paper