Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Design, fabrication and application of responsive hydrogel micropatterns
Wünnemann, P.
: Pich, A.; Böker, A.
2016Diffusive motion of linear microgel assemblies in solution
Schürings, M.P.; Nevskyi, O.; Eliasch, K.; Michel, A.K.; Liu, B.; Pich, A.; Böker, A.; Plessen, G. von; Wöll, D.
Journal Article
2016Enabling the measurement of particle sizes in stirred colloidal suspensions by embedding dynamic light scattering into an automated probe head
Kanter, M. de; Meyer-Kirschner, J.; Viell, J.; Mitsos, A.; Kather, M.; Pich, A.; Janzen, C.
Journal Article
2016Modelling pH-optimized degradation of microgel-functionalized polyesters
Bürgermeister, L.; Hermann, M.; Feher, K.; Molano Lopez, C.; Pich, A.; Hannen, J.; Vogt, F.; Schulz, W.
Journal Article
2016Surface-Grafted Nanogel Arrays Direct Cell Adhesion and Motility
Sechi, A.; Freitas, J.M.G.; Wünnemann, P.; Töpel, A.; Paschoalin, R.T.; Ullmann, S.; Schröder, R.; Aydin, G.; Rütten, S.; Böker, A.; Zenke, M.; Pich, A.
Journal Article
2015Microgel-functionalised fibres with pH-optimised degradation behaviour - A promising approach for short-term medical applications
Fehér, K.; Romstadt, T.; Böhm, C.A.; Kolkenbrock, M.; Blau, M.F.; Kuehlwetter, J.; Molano Lopez, A.C.; Pich, A.; Hannen, J.; Bürgermeister, L.; Schaaps, N.; Vogt, F.; Gries, T.; Jockenhövel, S.
Journal Article
2014Laser-induced drug release for local tumor control - a proof of concept
Lambertz, A.; Klink, C.D.; Röth, A.; Schmitz, D.; Pich, A.; Feher, K.; Bremus-Köbberling, E.; Neumann, U.P.; Junge, K.
Journal Article
2014Managing relationships in interdisciplinary research projects - the HoQ experience
Siems, F.U.; Papen, M.-C.; Hütte, A.S.J.; Niemand, T.; Walcher, D.; Antons, D.; Bürgermeister, L.; Feher, K.; Pich, A.; Vogt, F.
Conference Paper
2012Light triggered drug release
Leonards, H.; Schmitz, D.; Pich, A.; Bremus-Kobberling, E.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2011Development of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry based methods for the identification and molecular characterization of proteins, phosphoproteins and DNA adducts
Garaguso, Ignazio
: Borlak, Jürgen (Referent); Pich, Andreas (Korreferent)
2010Microwave-assisted synthesis of hybrid colloids for design of conducting films
Türke, A.; Fischer, W.-J.; Adler, H.-J.; Pich, A.
Journal Article
2007Conducting silver hybrid particles for RFID applications
Türke, A.; Pich, A.; Adler, H.-J.P.; Fischer, W.-J.
Conference Paper