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2021Significance and Vision of Nutrient Recovery for Sustainable City Food Systems in Germany by 2050
Keuter, V.; Deck, S.; Giesenkamp, H.; Gonglach, D.; Katayama, V.T.; Liesegang, S.; Petersen, F.; Schwindenhammer, S.; Steinmetz, H.; Ulbrich, A.
Journal Article
2015Privacy management and networked PPD systems - challenges and solutions
Ruotsalainen, P.; Pharow, P.; Petersen, F.
Conference Paper
2012An architectural approach to building ambient intelligent travel companions
Yayilgan, S.Y.; Blobel, B.; Petersen, F.; Pharow, P.; Waaler, D.; Hijazi, Y.
Journal Article
20103rd International Conference on Advances in Human-Oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies and Services, CENTRIC 2010. Preface
Dini, P.; Hoffmann, M.; Klyuev, V.; Noll, J.; Hariprakash, R.; Petersen, F.; Bruti, M.; Cheng, K.; Falk, R.; Kumar, A.; Bertino, E.; Calabretto, S.; Bennani, N.; Egyed-Zsigmond, E.; Viviani, M.; Ibne Akram, H.; Lenzini, G.
Conference Paper
2010From cards to portable devices and sensor networks for wireless personalized health services
Pharow, P.; Petersen, F.; Hovsto, A.; Meier, F.; Pan, Q.; Ruotsalainen, P.; Trpiovský, T.
Conference Paper