Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019CO2 Methanation in microstructured reactors - catalyst development and process design
Neuberg, Stefan; Pennemann, Helmut; Shanmugam, Vetrivel; Thiermann, Raphael; Zapf, Ralf; Gac, Wojciech; Greluk, Magdalena; Zawadski, Witold; Kolb, Gunther
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2018Nano-architectured CeO2 supported Rh with remarkably enhanced catalytic activity for propylene glycol reforming reaction in microreactors
Shanmugam, Vetrivel; Zapf, Ralf; Hessel, Volker; Pennemann, Helmut; Kolb, Gunther
Journal Article
2018Wärmeübertrager und Reaktor
Hofmann, Christian; Pennemann, Helmut
2017Hydrogen production with a microchannel heat-exchanger reactor by single stage water-gas shift; catalyst development
Izquierdo, U.; Neuberg, Stefan; Pecov, Sascha; Pennemann, Helmut; Zapf, Ralf; Wichert, Martin; Barrio, V.L.; Cambra, J.F.; Kolb, Gunther
Journal Article
2016Hydrogen production with a microchannel heat-exchanger reactor by single stage water-gas shift
Izquierdo, U.; Pennemann, Helmut; Zapf, Ralf; Neuberg, Stefan; García-García, I.; Barrio, V.L.; Cambra, J.F.; Kolb, Gunther
Conference Paper
2016Review: Microstructured reactors as efficient tool for the operation of selective oxidation reactions
Pennemann, Helmut; Kolb, Gunther
Journal Article
2015Awakol - Entwicklung eines Brennstoffzellensystems kleiner Leistung auf der Basis der wasserdampffreien Konvertierung von Flüssiggas
Pennemann, Helmut; Kolb, Gunther
2015Reforming of methane in a multistage microstructured reactor
Pennemann, Helmut; Bellinghausen, Rainer; Westermann, T.; Mleczko, Leslaw
Journal Article
2015Thermocatalytic decomposition of propane for pure hydrogen production and subsequent carbon gasification: Activity and long-term stability of Ni/Al2O3 based catalysts
Neuberg, Stefan; Pennemann, Helmut; Wiborg, Jens Ole; Wichert, Martin; Zapf, Ralf; Ziogas, Athanassios; Kolb, Gunther
Journal Article
2014Challenges in the oxidative coupling of methane employing a microstructured stainless steel reactor
Chaar, Munir; Muhler, Martin; Pennemann, Helmut; Veen, Andre C. van
Conference Paper
2014A novel technology for natural gas conversion by means of integrated oxidative coupling and dry reforming of methane
Thybaut, Joris; Marin, Guy; Mirodatos, Claude; Schuurman, Yves; Veen, Andre van; Sadykov, Vladislav; Pennemann, Helmut; Bellinghausen, Rainer; Mleczko, Leslaw
Journal Article
2013Early market implementation of LPG based auxiliary power units for application in recreational vehicles
O'Connell, Martin; Wichert, Martin; Pennemann, Helmut; Kolb, Gunther; Butschek, Sven; Frank, Reinhard; Schiegel, Andreas
2013Optimization of wash-coating slurries as catalyst carrier for screen printing into microstructured reactors
Pennemann, Helmut; Dobra, Matthias; Wichert, Martin; Kolb, Gunther
Journal Article