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2017Ubiquitylation of p62/sequestosome1 activates its autophagy receptor function and controls selective autophagy upon ubiquitin stress
Peng, H.; Yang, J.; Li, G.; You, Q.; Han, W.; Li, T.; Gao, D.; Xie, X.; Lee, B.-H.; Du, J.; Hou, J.; Zhang, T.; Rao, H.; Huang, Y.; Li, Q.; Zeng, R.; Hui, L.; Wang, H.; Xia, Q.; Zhang, X.; He, Y.; Komatsu, M.; Dikic, Y.; Finley, D.; Hu, R.
Journal Article
2016PSHAPE: Automatically combining gadgets for arbitrary method execution
Follner, A.; Bartel, A.; Peng, H.; Chang, Y.-C.; Ispoglou, K.; Payer, M.; Bodden, E.
Conference Paper
2016Stroke Treatment Academic Industry Roundtable Recommendations for Individual Data Pooling Analyses in Stroke
Lees, K.R.; Khatri, P.; Alexandrov, A.V.; Bivard, A.; Boltze, J.; Broderick, J.P.; Campbell, B.C.V.; Creighton, F.M.; Fiorella, D.; Furlan, A.J.; Gorelick, P.B.; Hess, D.C.; Kim, W.-K.; Latour, L.L.; Liebeskind, D.S.; Luby, M.; Lyden, P.; Lynch, J.K.; Marshall, R.S.; Menon, B.K.; Muir, K.W.; Palesch, Y.; Peng, H.; Pryor, K.E.; Mocco, J.; Rasmussen, P.; Sacco, R.L.; Schwamm, L.H.; Smith, E.E.; Solberg, Y.; Vagal, A.; Warach, S.; Wechsler, L.R.; Wintermark, M.; Yoo, A.J.; Zander, K.M.
Journal Article
2012An integrated solution for compensation of refractive index drop and curve change in high precision glass molding
Klocke, F.; Dambon, O.; Lijuan, S.; Wang, F.; Peng, H.; Allen, Y.
Conference Paper