Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Concepts for comfortable air-conditioning - simulation using a zonal cabin model and a metrological evaluation based on equivalent temperature
Stratbücker, Sebastian; Park, Sumee; Pathak, Arnav; Norrefeldt, Victor; Grün, Gunnar
Conference Paper
2017ECO-SEE Deliverable D4.4: IEQ Assessment Tool
Mitterhofer, Matthias; Pathak, Arnav; Park, Sumee; Lengsfeld, Kristin; Stratbücker, Sebastian
2017Towards design tools for holistic assessment of indoor environmental quality
Pathak, Arnav; Mitterhofer, Matthias; Lengsfeld, Kristin; Stratbücker, Sebastian
Conference Paper
2014The Modelica thermal model generation tool for automated creation of a coupled airflow
Pathak, Arnav; Norrefeldt, Victor; Lemouedda, Abdellah; Grün, Gunnar
Conference Paper
2012The indoor climate library and its application to heat and moisture transfer in a vehicle cabin
Norrefeldt, Victor; Andersson, Daniel; Pathak, Arnav; Tummescheit, Hubertus
Conference Paper
2012Modelling of radiative heat transfer in modelica with a mobile solar radiation model and a view factor model
Pathak, Arnav; Norrefeldt, Victor; Grün, Gunnar
Conference Paper