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2017Designing swarms of cyber-physical systems: The H2020 CPSwarm Project
Bagnato, A.; Bíró, R.K.; Bonino, D.; Pastrone, C.; Elmenreich, W.; Reiners, R.; Schranz, M.; Arnautovic, E.
Conference Paper
2017Enabling Smart Cities through IoT
Bonino, D.; Delgado, M.T.; Pastrone, C.; Spirito, M.; Alapetite, A.; Gilbert, T.; Axling, M.; Ahlsen, M.; Rosengren, P.; Jahn, M.; Ahrens, R.; Werner-Kytölä, O.; Carvajal Soto, J.A.
Book Article
2017XMPP-based infrastructure for IoT network management and rapid services and applications development
Ferrera, E.; Conzon, D.; Brizzi, P.; Rossini, R.; Pastrone, C.; Jentsch, M.; Kool, P.; Kamienski, C.; Sadok, D.
Journal Article
2016Block-based realtime big-data processing for smart cities
Bonino, Dario; Rizzo, Federico; Pastrone, Claudio; Carvajal Soto, José Ángel; Ahlsen, Matts; Axling, Mathias
Conference Paper
2016Towards a federation of smart city services
Carvajal Soto, José Ángel; Werner-Kytölä, Otilia; Jahn, Marco; Pullmann, Jaroslav; Bonino, Dario; Pastrone, Claudio; Spirito, Maurizio
Conference Paper
2015Heterogeneous applications, tools, and methodologies in the car manufacturing industry through an iot approach
Khaleel, H.; Conzon, D.; Kasinathan, P.; Brizzi, P.; Pastrone, C.; Pramudianto, F.; Eisenhauer, M.; Cultrona, P.A.; Rusinà, F.; Lukác, G.; Paralic, M.
Journal Article
2015Industrial application development exploiting IoT vision and model driven programming
Conzon, D.; Brizzi, P.; Kasinathan, P.; Pastrone, C.; Pramudianto, F.; Cultrona, P.
Conference Paper
2013Bringing the Internet of Things along the manufacturing line
Brizzi, P.; Conzon, D.; Khaleel, H.; Tomasi, R.; Pastrone, C.; Spirito, A.M.; Knechtel, M.; Pramudianto, F.; Cultrona, P.
Conference Paper
2013Denial-of-Service detection in 6LoWPAN based Internet of Things
Kasinathan, P.; Pastrone, C.; Spirito, M.A.; Vinkovits, M.
Conference Paper
2012Anonymous networking meets real-world business requirements
Vinkovits, Mark; Elmasllari, Erion; Pastrone, Claudio
Conference Paper
2011Frequency Agile Wireless Sensor Networks: Design and Implementation
Khaleel, H.; Penna, F.; Pastrone, C.; Tomasi, R.; Spirito, M.
Journal Article