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2021Effects of the sigma-1 receptor agonist blarcamesine in a murine model of fragile X syndrome: neurobehavioral phenotypes and receptor occupancy
Reyes, S.T.; Deacon, R.M.J.; Guo, S.G.; Altimiras, F.J.; Castillo, J.B.; Wildt, B. van der; Morales, A.P.; Park, J.H.; Klamer, D.; Rosenberg, J.; Oberman, L.M.; Rebowe, N.; Sprouse, J.; Missling, C.U.; McCurdy, C.R.; Cogram, P.; Kaufmann, W.E.; Chin, F.T.
Journal Article
2017Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles potentiate the protective effect of curcumin against bone loss in ovariectomized rats
Ahn, J.; Jeong, J.; Lee, H.; Sung, M.-J.; Jung, C.H.; Lee, H.; Hur, J.; Park, J.H.; Jang, Y.J.; Ha, T.Y.
Journal Article
2015Decreased bone volume and bone mineral density in the tibial trabecular bone is associated with Per2 gene by 405 nm laser stimulation
Yoo, Y.-M.; Lee, M.-H.; Park, J.H.; Seo, D.-H.; Lee, S.; Jung, B.; Kim, H.S.; Bae, K.
Journal Article
2014Water extract of the fruits of Alpinia oxyphylla inhibits osteoclast differentiation and bone loss
Ha, H.; Shim, K.-S.; Kim, T.; Lee, C.-J.; Park, J.H.; Kim, H.S.; Ma, J.Y.
Journal Article
2012Observation of tissue-engineered changes in osteoporotic functional segment unit with in-vitro load
Park, J.H.; Lee, B.Y.; Woo, D.G.; Seo, D.H.; Han, T.Y.; Kim, C.H.; Kim, H.S.
Journal Article
2012Trabecular bone response to mechanical loading in ovariectomized Sprague-Dawley rats depends on baseline bone quantity
Ko, C.-Y.; Jung, Y.J.; Park, J.H.; Seo, D.; Han, P.; Bae, K.; Schreiber, J.; Kim, H.S.
Journal Article
2006Deposition-temperature effects on AZO thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering and their physical properties
Park, J.H.; Shin, J.M.; Cha, S.-Y.; Park, J.W.; Jeong, S.-Y.; Pak, H.K.; Cho, C.-R.
Journal Article
2006Thermodynamic and structural characterization of high- and low-temperature nitinol
Cha, S.-Y.; Jeong, S.-Y.; Park, J.H.; Park, S.E.; Park, J.K.; Cho, C.-R.
Journal Article