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2020Asymptotic Analysis and Design Optimization for Periodic Perforated Shells
Hauck, Michael
: Klar, A.; Panasenko, G.
2016Non homogeneous Dirichlet conditions for an elastic beam: An asymptotic analysis
Bare, Z.; Orlik, Julia; Panasenko, G.
Journal Article
2016Optimization of textile-like materials via homogenization and beam approximations
Orlik, Julia; Panasenko, Grigory; Shiryaev, Vladimir
Journal Article
2015Asymptotic approximations of a thin elastic beam with auxiliary coupled 1D system due to Robin boundary condition
Baré Contreras, D.Z.; Orlik, J.; Panasenko, G.
Conference Paper
2014Asymptotic dimension reduction of a Robin-type elasticity boundary value problem in thin beams
Bare, D.Z.; Orlik, J.; Panasenko, G.
Journal Article