Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Combination of Refractometry and Densimetry - A Promising Option for Fast Raw Methanol Analysis
Martens, M.; Hadrich, M.J.; Nestler, F.; Ouda, M.; Schaadt, A.
Journal Article
2020Environmental Assessment of OME3-5 Synfuel Production via the Power-to-Liquid Pathway
Hank, C.; Lazara, L.; Mantei, F.K.; Ouda, M.; White, R.J.; Smolinka, T.; Schaadt, A.; Hebling, C.; Henning, H.-M.
Conference Paper
2020Facile Two‐Phase Catalysis: From Dimethoxymethane and Monomeric Formaldehyde towards Oxymethylene Ethers (OMEs)
Peter, A.; Stebens, G.; Baumgärtner, J.F.; Jacob, E.; Mantei, F.K.; Ouda, M.; Krossing, I.
Journal Article
2019Comparative well-to-wheel life cycle assessment of OME3-5 synfuel production via the power-to-liquid pathway
Hank, C.; Lazar, L.; Mantei, F.; Ouda, M.; White, R.J.; Smolinka, T.; Schaadt, A.; Hebling, C.; Henning, H.M.
Journal Article
2018Describing oxymethylene ether synthesis based on the application of non-stoichiomsetric Gibbs minimisation
Ouda, M.; Mantei, F.K.; Elmehlawy, M.; White, R.J.; Klein, H.; Fateen, S.-E.K.
Journal Article
2018A hybrid description and evaluation of oxymethylene dimethyl ethers synthesis based on the endothermic dehydrogenation of methanol
Ouda, M.; Mantei, F.; Hesterwerth, K.; Bargiacchi, E.; Klein, H.; White, R.J.
Journal Article
2018Towards a Sustainable Synthesis of Oxymethylene Dimethyl Ether by Homogeneous Catalysis and Uptake of Molecular Formaldehyde
Peter, A.; Fehr, S.M.; Dybbert, V.; Himmel, D.; Lindner, I.; Jacob, E.; Ouda, M.; Schaadt, A.; White, R.J.; Scherer, H.; Krossing, I.
Journal Article
2017Poly(oxymethylene) dimethyl ether synthesis
Ouda, M.; Yarce, G.; White, R.J.; Hadrich, M.; Himmel, D.; Schaadt, A.; Klein, H.; Jacob, E.; Krossing, I.
Journal Article
2016The power to liquid concept: Hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol and the production of oxymethylene ethers
Ouda, M.; Yarce, G.; Hesterwerth, K.; Hadrich, M.; White, R.J.; Schaadt, A.; Klein, H.; Jacob, E.
Conference Paper
2015The hydrogenation of CO2 to sustainable energy carriers - PTL concept
Ouda, M.; Schaadt, A.
2014Das Power-to-Liquid-Konzept am Beispiel von Methanol
Schaadt, A.; Ouda, M.; Aicher, T.; Krossing, I.
Journal Article, Conference Paper