Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018German intraday electricity market analysis and modeling based on the limit order book
Martin, H.; Otterson, S.
Conference Paper
2018Multi-task distribution learning approach to anomaly detection of operational states of wind turbines
Vogt, S.; Otterson, S.; Berkhout, V.
Conference Paper
2018Pooled frequency restoration reserve provision by wind farms and controllable energy units
Dreher, A.; Jost, D.; Otterson, S.; Hochloff, P.
Conference Paper
2016Dynamic Sizing of automatic and manual Frequency Restoration Reserves for different Product Lengths
Jost, D.; Braun, A.; Fritz, R.; Otterson, S.
2016Multi-Regional Wind Power Forecasting based on Spatio-temporal Input Information in an Artificial Intelligence Model
Braun, A.; Otterson, S.
2015A hybrid physical and machine learning based forecast of regional wind power
Vogt, S.; Dobschinski, J.; Kanefendt, T.; Otterson, S.; Saint-Drenan, Y.-M.
Conference Paper
2013Are forecasting errors of wind and solar power statistically dependent?
Braun, Axel; Fritz, Rafael; Otterson, Scott
Conference Paper
2013Robust spatio-temporal wind power forecasts via nowcasting of low quality inputs
Otterson, S.; Siefert, M.; Dobschinski, J.
Conference Paper