Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021High-capacity reversible lithium storage in defined microporous carbon framework for all solid-state lithium batteries
Bloi, Luise Maria; Hippauf, Felix; Boenke, Tom; Rauche, Marcus; Paasch, Silvia; Schutjajew, Konstantin; Pampel, Jonas; Schwotzer, Friedrich; Dörfler, Susanne; Althues, Holger; Oschatz, Martin; Brunner, Eike; Kaskel, Stefan
2016Gold aerogels: Three-dimensional assembly of nanoparticles and their use as electrocatalytic interfaces
Wen, Dan; Liu, Wei; Haubold, Danny; Zhu, Chengzhou; Oschatz, Martin; Holzschuh, Matthias; Wolf, André; Simon, Frank; Kaskel, Stefan; Eychmüller, Alexander
Journal Article
2016Interactions between electrolytes and carbon-based materials - NMR studies on electrical double-layer capacitors, lithium-ion batteries, and fuel cells
Oschatz, Martin; Borchardt, Lars; Hippauf, Felix; Nickel, Winfried; Kaskel, Stefan; Brunner, Eike
Journal Article
2016Nanostructure characterization of carbide-derived carbons by morphological analysis of transmission electron microscopy images combined with physisorption and Raman spectroscopy
Oschatz, Martin; Pré, Pascaline; Dörfler, Susanne; Nickel, Winfried; Beaunier, Patricia; Jean-Noël Rouzaud; Fischer, Cathleen; Brunner, Eike; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2015Advanced structural analysis of nanoporous materials by thermal response measurements
Oschatz, Martin; Leistner, Matthias; Nickel, Winfried; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2015Emulsion soft templating of carbide-derived carbon nanospheres with controllable porosity for capacitive electrochemical energy storage
Oschatz, Martin; Zeiger, Marco; Jäckel, N.; Strubel, Patrick; Borchardt, Lars; Reinhold, R.; Nickel, Winfried; Eckert, Jürgen; Presser, Volker; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2015Hydrophilic non-precious metal nitrogen-doped carbon electrocatalysts for enhanced efficiency in oxygen reduction reaction
Hao, Guang-Ping; Sahraie, Nastaran Ranjbar; Zhang, Qiang; Krause, Simon; Oschatz, Martin; Bachmatiuk, Alicja; Strasser, Peter; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2015In situ formation of protective coatings on sulfur cathodes in lithium batteries with LiFSI-based organic electrolytes
Kim, Hyea; Wu, Feixiang; Lee, Jungtae; Nitta, Naoki; Lin, Huanting; Oschatz, Martin; Cho, Wonil; Kaskel, Stefan; Borodin, Oleg A.; Yushin, Gleb N.
Journal Article
2015Kinetically controlled synthesis of PdNi bimetallic porous nanostructures with enhanced electrocatalytic activity
Zhu, Chengzhou; Wen, Dan; Oschatz, Martin; Holzschuh, Matthias; Liu, Wei; Herrmann, Anne Kristin; Simon, Frank; Kaskel, Stefan; Eychmüller, Alexander
Journal Article
2015Micro- and mesoporous carbide-derived carbon-selenium cathodes for high-performance lithium selenium batteries
Lee, Jungtae; Kim, Hyea; Oschatz, Martin; Lee, Dongchan; Wu, Feixiang; Lin, Huanting; Zdyrko, Bogdan; Il Cho, Won; Kaskel, Stefan; Yushin, Gleb N.
Journal Article
2015Nanomaterials for future generation Lithium-Sulphur batteries
Kaskel, Stefan; Dörfler, Susanne; Oschatz, Martin; Nickel, Winfried; Hippauf, Felix
2015Nickel cobalt oxide hollow nanosponges as advanced electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction
Zhu, Chengzhou; Wen, Dan; Leubner, Susanne; Oschatz, Martin; Liu, Wei; Holzschuh, Matthias; Simón, Frank M.; Kaskel, Stefan; Eychmüller, Alexander
Journal Article
2015Preparation of hierarchical porous biomorphic carbide-derived carbon by polycarbosilane impregnation of wood
Adam, Marion Alexandra; Oschatz, Martin; Nickel, Winfried; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2015Synthesis of ordered mesoporous carbon materials by dry etching
Nickel, Winfried; Oschatz, Martin; Rico-Francés, Soledad; Klosz, Stefan; Biemelt, Tim; Mondin, Giovanni; Eychmüller, Alexander; Silvestre-Albero, Joaquín; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2015Tailoring commercially available raw materials for lithium-sulfur batteries with superior performance and enhanced shelf life
Thieme, Sören; Oschatz, Martin; Nickel, Winfried; Brückner, Jan; Kaspar, Joerg; Althues, Holger; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2015ZnO hard templating for synthesis of hierarchical porous carbons with tailored porosity and high performance in lithium-sulfur battery
Strubel, Patrick; Thieme, Sören; Biemelt, Tim; Helmer, Alexandra; Oschatz, Martin; Brückner, Jan; Althues, Holger; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2014Direct synthesis of carbide-derived carbon monoliths with hierarchical pore design by hard-templating
Nickel, Winfried; Oschatz, Martin; Lehr, Martin von der; Leistner, Matthias; Hao, Guangping; Adelhelm, Philipp; Müller, Philipp; Smarsly, Bernd; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2014Evolution of porosity in carbide-derived carbon aerogels
Oschatz, Martin; Nickel, Winfried; Thommes, Matthias; Cychosz, Katie A.; Leistner, Matthias; Adam, Marion A.; Mondin, Giovanni; Strubel, Patrick; Borchardt, Lars; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2014Kroll-carbons based on silica and alumina templates as high-rate electrode materials in electrochemical double-layer capacitors
Oschatz, Martin; Boukhalfa, S.; Nickel, Winfried; Lee, J.T.; Klosz, Stefan; Borchardt, L.; Eychmüller, Alexander; Yushin, G.; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2014Micro- and mesoporous carbide-derived carbon prepared by a sacrificial template method in high performance lithium sulfur battery cathodes
Oschatz, Martin; Lee, J.T.; Kim, H.; Borchardt, Lars; Cho, W.I.; Ziegler, C.; Kaskel, Stefan; Yushin, G.; Nickel, Winfried
Journal Article
2014Nanocasting hierarchical carbide-derived carbons in nanostructured opal assemblies for high-performance cathodes in lithium-sulfur batteries
Hoffmann, Claudia; Thieme, Sören; Brückner, Jan; Oschatz, Martin; Biemelt, Tim; Mondin, Giovanni; Althues, Holger; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2014Silicon oxycarbide-derived carbons from a polyphenylsilsequioxane precursor for supercapacitor applications
Meier, Andreas; Weinberger, Manuel; Pinkert, Katja; Oschatz, Martin; Paasch, Silvia; Giebeler, Lars; Althues, Holger; Brunner, Eike; Eckert, Jürgen; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article
2014Thermogravimetric analysis of activated carbons, ordered mesoporous carbide-derived carbons, and their deactivation kinetics of catalytic methane decomposition
Shilapuram, Vidyasagar; Ozalp, Nesrin; Oschatz, Martin; Borchardt, Lars; Kaskel, Stefan; Lachance, Robert
Journal Article
2013Textural characterization of micro- and mesoporous carbons using combined gas adsorption and n-nonane preadsorption
Oschatz, Martin; Borchardt, Lars; Rico-Francés, Soledad; Rodriguez-Reinoso, Francisco; Kaskel, Stefan; Silvestre-Albero, Joaquín
Journal Article
2013Titanium carbide and carbide-derived carbon composite nanofibers by electrospinning of Ti-resin precursor
Martin, Jan; Borchardt, Lars; Oschatz, Martin; Mondin, Giovanni; Kaskel, Stefan
Journal Article