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2019Activated Cross-linked Agarose for the Rapid Development of Affinity Chromatography Resins - Antibody Capture as a Case Study
Knödler, M.; Rühl, C.; Opdensteinen, P.; Buyel, J.F.
Journal Article
2019A Combined Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration Step Facilitates the Purification of Cyanovirin-N From Transgenic Tobacco Extracts
Opdensteinen, P.; Clodt, J.I.; Müschen, C.R.; Filiz, V.; Buyel, J.F.
Journal Article
2019Comparison of microbial and transient expression (tobacco plants and plant-cell packs) for the production and purification of the anticancer mistletoe lectin viscumin
Gengenbach, B.B.; Keil, L.L.; Opdensteinen, P.; Müschen, C.R.; Melmer, G.; Lentzen, H.; Bührmann, J.; Buyel, J.F.
Journal Article
2018A linear epitope coupled to DsRed provides an affinity ligand for the capture of monoclonal antibodies
Rühl, C.; Knödler, M.; Opdensteinen, P.; Buyel, J.F.
Journal Article
2017Production of Functional Anti-Ebola Antibodies in Pichia pastoris
Purcell, O.; Opdensteinen, P.; Chen, W.; Lowenhaupt, K.; Brown, A.; Hermann, M.; Cao, J.; Tenhaef, N.; Kallweit, E.; Kastilan, R.; Sinskey, A.J.; Perez-Pinera, P.; Buyel, J.F.; Lu, T.K.
Journal Article
2015Cellulose-based filter aids increase the capacity of depth filters during the downstream processing of plant-derived biopharmaceutical proteins
Buyel, J.F.; Opdensteinen, P.; Fischer, R.
Journal Article