Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Single- and Dual-variant Atomic Ordering in GaAsP Compositionally Graded Buffers on GaP and Si Substrates
France, R.M.; Feifel, Markus; Belz, J.; Beyer, A.; Volz, K.; Ohlmann, Jens; Lackner, David; Dimroth, Frank
Journal Article
2018Direct growth of III–V/silicon triple-junction solar cells with 19.7% efficiency
Feifel, Markus; Ohlmann, Jens; Benick, Jan; Hermle, Martin; Belz, Jürgen; Beyer, Andreas; Volz, Kerstin; Hannappel, Thomas; Bett, Andreas W.; Lackner, David; Dimroth, Frank
Journal Article
2018Monolithic Photoelectrochemical Device for Direct Water Splitting with 19% Efficiency
Cheng, Wen-Hui; Richter, Matthias H.; May, Matthias M.; Ohlmann, Jens; Lackner, David; Dimroth, Frank; Hannappel, Thomas; Atwater, Harry A.; Lewerenz, Hans-Joachim
Journal Article
2017Minority carrier diffusion length, lifetime and mobility in p-type GaAs and GaInAs
Niemeyer, Markus; Ohlmann, Jens; Walker, Alexandre; Kleinschmidt, Peter; Lang, Robin; Hannappel, Thomas; Dimroth, Frank; Lackner, David
Journal Article