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2014Direct UV-imprinting of hybrid-polymer photonic microring resonators and their characterization
Kirchner, R.; Finn, A.; Landgraf, R.; Nueske, L.; Teng, L.C.; Vogler, M.; Fischer, W.-J.
Journal Article
2012Stamp-and-repeat UV-imprinting of spin-coated films: Pre-exposure and imprint defects
Kirchner, R.; Nüske, L.; Finn, A.; Lu, B.; Fischer, W.-J.
Journal Article
2012UV-based nanoimprint lithography: Toward direct patterning of functional polymers
Kirchner, Robert; Finn, Andreas; Landgraf, René; Nueske, Lutz; Vogler, M.; Fischer, Wolf-Joachim
Journal Article
2011UV-nanoimprinting using non-transparent molds and non-transparent substrates
Kirchner, R.; Finn, A.; Teng, L.; Ploetner, M.; Jahn, A.; Nueske, L.; Fischer, W.-J.
Journal Article
2006A fabrication approach for passive RF-elements on the top of complete manufactured semiconductor wafers
Klug, C.; Hürrich, A.; Barthel, W.; Schweizer, I.; Nüske, L.; Haase, T.; Bibas, P.; Fischer, W.-J.
Conference Paper