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2010Micro structure analysis for system in package components - novel tools for fault isolation, target preparation, and high-resolution material diagnostics
Petzold, M.; Altmann, F.; Krause, M.; Salzer, R.; Schmidt, C.; Martens, S.; Mack, W.; Dömer, H.; Nowodzinski, A.
Conference Paper
2009Failure analysis of stacked-die devices by combining non-destructive localization and target preparation methods
Schmidt, C.; Simon, M.; Altmann, F.; Nowodzinski, A.
Conference Paper
2009Reliability characterization and process optimization of Ni-based microinsert interconnections for flip chip die on wafer attachment
Boutry, H.; Brun, J.; Nowodzinski, A.; Sillon, N.; Depoutot, F.; Dubois-Bonvalot, B.; Schmidt, C.; Simon, M.; Altmann, F.
Conference Paper