Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
1991Interdiffusion in Pb1-xEuxSe/PbSe multi-quantum-well structures
Springholz, G.; Holzinger, A.; Krenn, H.; Clemens, H.; Bauer, G.; Norton, P.; Böttner, H.; Maier, M.
Journal Article
1988Distributed Bragg reflector lead-tin-selenide/lead-europium-tin-selenide diode lasers with a broad single-mode tuning range.
Shani, Y.; Rosman, R.; Norton, P.; Katzir, A.; Preier, H.M.; Tacke, M.
Journal Article
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Norton, P.R.; Böttner, H.; Lambrecht, A.; Spanger, B.; Tacke, M.
Journal Article
1987MBE of Pb(1-x) Eu(x) Se for the use in IR devices
Norton, P.; Tacke, M.
Journal Article
1987On the performance of selenium rich lead-salt heterostructure lasers with remote p-n junction.
Rosman, R.; Norton, P.; Bachem, K.H.; Katzir, A.; Preier, H.M.
Journal Article
198677 K cw operation of distributed Bragg reflector Pb1-XSnXSe/Pb1-X-YEuYSnXSe diode lasers.
Norton, P.; Shani, Y.; Bachem, K.H.; Katzir, A.; Preier, H.M.; Tacke, M.
Journal Article
1986Pb1-XEuXSe for IR device applications
Norton, P.; Bachem, K.H.; Tacke, M.
Conference Paper
1985Heteroepitaxial PbTe-Si and -Pb.Sn-Se-Si structures for monolithic 3-5 mym and 8-12 mym infrared sensor array
Zogg, H.; Norton, P.
Conference Paper
1984MBE - A tool for fabricating IV-VI compound diode lasers.
Norton, P.; Bachem, K.H.; Preier, H.M.
Book Article