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2019On Observability and Monitoring of Distributed Systems
Niedermaier, Sina; Kötter, Falko; Freymann, Andreas; Wagner, Stefan
Conference Paper
2018Cycling stability of D-mannitol when used as phase change material for thermal storage applications
Neumann, H.; Niedermaier, S.; Gschwander, S.; Schossig, P.
Journal Article
2017Experimental and in silico characterization of xylitol as seasonal heat storage material
Zhang, H.; Duquesne, M.; Godin, A.; Niedermaier, S.; Palomo del Barrio, E.; Nedea, S.V.; Rindt, C.C.M.
Journal Article
2016Characterisation and enhancement of phase change slurries
Niedermaier, S.; Biedenbach, M.; Gschwander, S.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2016Optimization of the formulation of a phase change slurry
Niedermaier, S.; Göhring, A.; Biedenbach, M.; Hagelstein, G.; Gschwander, S.
Conference Paper
2014Stability of sugar alcohols as PCM for thermal energy storage
Solé, A.; Neumann, H.; Niedermaier, S.; Martorell, I.; Schossig, P.; Cabeza, L.F.
Journal Article
2014Thermal stability test of sugar alcohols as phase change materials for medium temperature energy storage application
Solé, A.; Neumann, H.; Niedermaier, S.; Cabeza, L.F.; Palomo, E.
Conference Paper, Journal Article