Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Numerische und experimentelle Betrachtung des Molded Underfills
Paetsch, M.; Nguyen, T.D.; Dreissigacker, M.; Bauer, J.; Hoelck, O.; Bader, V.; Braun, T.; Zuehlke, J.; Minkus, M.; Voges, S.; Becker, K.-F.; Woehrmann, M.; Lang, K.-D.; Schubert, D.W.; Schneider-Ramelow, M.
Conference Paper
2017The working posture controller: Automated assessment and optimisation of the working posture during the process
Nguyen, T.D.; Pilz, C.; Krüger, J.
Conference Paper
2016Adapting Ergonomic Assessments to Social Life Cycle Assessment
Chang, Y.-J.; Nguyen, T.D.; Finkbeiner, M.; Krüger, J.
Journal Article
2016Motion Tracking Applied in Assembly for Worker Training in different Locations
Müller, B.C.; Nguyen, T.D.; Dang, Q.-V.; Duc, B.M.; Seliger, G.; Krüger, J.; Kohl, H.
Journal Article
2016The working posture controller: Automated adaptation of the work piece pose to enable a natural working posture
Nguyen, T.D.; Bloch, C.; Krüger, J.
Journal Article
2015Adaptive Qualification and Assistance Modules for Manual Assembly Workplaces
Nguyen, T.D.; McFarland, R.; Kleinsorge, M.; Krüger, J.; Seliger, G.
Journal Article
2015Automated vision-based live ergonomics analysis in assembly operations
Krüger, J.; Nguyen, T.D.
Journal Article
2015Design and manufacturing of a sustainable pedelec
Buchert, T.; Steingrimsson, J.G.; Neugebauer, S.; Nguyen, T.D.; Galeitzke, M.; Oertwig, N.; Seidel, J.; McFarland, R.; Lindow, K.; Hayka, H.; Stark, R.
Journal Article
2015Market-driven code provisioning to mobile secure hardware
Dmitrienko, A.; Heuser, S.; Nguyen, T.D.; Silva Ramos, M. da; Rein, A.; Sadeghi, A.-R.
Conference Paper