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2019Fucoxanthin, a carotenoid derived from Phaeodactylum tricornutum exerts antiproliferative and antioxidant activities in vitro
Neumann, U.; Derwenskus, F.; Flister, V.F.; Schmid-Staiger, U.; Hirth, T.; Bischoff, S.C.
Journal Article
2018Anti-inflammatory effects of Phaeodactylum tricornutum extracts on human blood mononuclear cells and murine macrophages
Neumann, Ulrike; Louis, Sandrine; Gille, Andrea; Derwenskus, Felix; Schmid-Staiger, Ulrike; Briviba, Karlis; Bischoff, Stephan C.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2018Bioavailability and safety of nutrients from the microalgae Chlorella vulgaris, Nannochloropsis oceanica and Phaeodactylum tricornutum in C57BL/6 mice
Neumann, Ulrike; Derwenskus, Felix; Gille, Andrea; Louis, Sandrine; Schmid-Staiger, Ulrike; Briviba, Karlis; Bischoff, Stephan C.
Journal Article
2014Laser-induced drug release for local tumor control - a proof of concept
Lambertz, A.; Klink, C.D.; Röth, A.; Schmitz, D.; Pich, A.; Feher, K.; Bremus-Köbberling, E.; Neumann, U.P.; Junge, K.
Journal Article
2012Artificial forisomes are Ideal models of forisome assembly and activity that allow the development of technical devices
Groscurth, S.; Müller, B.; Schwan, S.; Menzel, M.; Diekstall, F.; Senft, M.; Kendall, A.; Kommor, B.A.; Neumann, U.; Kalischuk, M.; Kawchuk, L.M.; Krzyzanek, V.; Heilmann, A.; Stubbs, G.; Twyman, R.M.; Prüfer, D.; Noll, G.A.
Journal Article
2012Sieve element occlusion (SEO) genes encode structural phloem proteins involved in wound sealing of the phloem
Ernst, A.M.; Jekat, S.B.; Zielonka, S.; Müller, B.; Neumann, U.; Rüping, B.; Twyman, R.M.; Krzyzanek, V.; Prüfer, D.; Noll, G.A.
Journal Article
2011Active windows with micro mirror arrays for improved utilization of daylight in buildings
Viereck, V.; Jäkel, A.; Neumann, U.; Schwank, A.; Hillmer, H.; Schmid, J.
Conference Paper