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2014Strong-field physics using lasers and relativistic heavy ions at the high-energy storage ring hesr at fair
Kühl, T.; Bagnoud, V.; Stöhlker, T.; Litvinov, Y.; Winters, D.F.A.; Zielbauer, B.; Backe, H.; Spielmann, C.; Seres, J.; Tünnermann, A.; Neumayer, P.; Aurand, B.; Namba, S.; Zhao, H.Y.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
1991Carrier concentration profiles by high-energy boron ion implantation into silicon
Sayama, H.; Takai, M.; Namba, S.; Ryssel, H.
Journal Article
1991Effect of deposition temperature of arsenic implanted poly-Si-on-insulator on grain size and residual stress
Takai, M.; Kato, K.; Namba, S.; Pfannenmüller, U.; Ryssel, H.
Journal Article
1991Oblique ion implantation into nonplanar targets
Takai, M.; Namba, S.; Ryssel, H.
Journal Article
1989Ion implantation in single-crystal magnetic ferrite.
Takai, M.; Lu, Y.F.; Minamisono, T.; Namba, S.; Ryssel, H.
Journal Article