Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Robustifying models against adversarial attacks by Langevin dynamics
Srinivasan, V.; Rohrer, C.; Marban, A.; Müller, K.-R.; Samek, W.; Nakajima, S.
2020Asymptotically unbiased estimation of physical observables with neural samplers
Nicoli, K.A.; Nakajima, S.; Strodthoff, N.; Samek, W.; Müller, K.-R.; Kessel, P.
Journal Article
2020Benign examples: Imperceptible changes can enhance image translation performance
Srinivasan, V.; Müller, K.-R.; Samek, W.; Nakajima, S.
Conference Paper
2020Towards Best Practice in Explaining Neural Network Decisions with LRP
Kohlbrenner, M.; Bauer, A.; Nakajima, S.; Binder, A.; Samek, W.; Lapuschkin, S.
Conference Paper
2018Wasserstein stationary subspace analysis
Kaltenstadler, S.; Nakajima, S.; Müller, K.-R.; Samek, W.
Journal Article
2017On robust parameter estimation in brain–computer interfacing
Samek, W.; Nakajima, S.; Kawanabe, M.; Müller, K.-R.
Journal Article
2012Insights from classifying visual concepts with multiple kernel learning
Binder, A.; Nakajima, S.; Kloft, M.; Müller, C.; Samek, W.; Brefeld, U.; Müller, K.R.; Kawanabe, M.
Journal Article
2009Direct importance estimation with model selection and its application to covariate shift adaptation
Sugiyama, M.; Nakajima, S.; Kashima, H.; Bünau, P. von; Kawanabe, M.
Conference Paper
2009A procedure of adaptive kernel combination with kernel-target alignment for object classification
Kawanabe, M.; Nakajima, S.; Binder, A.
Conference Paper
2008Direct importance estimation for covariate shift adaptation
Sugiyama, M.; Suzuki, T.; Nakajima, S.; Kashima, H.; Bunau, P. von; Kawanabe, M.
Journal Article