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2015Application of optical pH sensors in the microfluidic free-flow isoelectric focusing of biomolecules
Poehler, E.; Herzog, C.; Pfeiffer, S.A.; Lotter, C.; Peretzki, A.J.; Aigner, D.; Mayr, T.; Beckert, E.; Nagl, S.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2015An integrated microfluidic chip enabling control and spatially resolved monitoring of temperature in micro flow reactors
Hoera, C.; Ohla, S.; Shu, Z.; Beckert, E.; Nagl, S.; Belder, D.
Journal Article
2014Integration of fluorescent pH sensors in microfluidic free-flow isoelectric focusing platforms using automated inkjet printing
Herzog, C.; Beckert, E.; Nagl, S.
Conference Paper
2014Microfluidic flow reactors with integrated micro-heaters and fluorescent temperature sensors for reaction monitoring
Höra, C.; Shu, Z.; Beckert, E.; Nagl, S.; Belder, D.
Conference Paper
2014Rapid isoelectric point determination in a miniaturized preparative separation using jet-dispensed optical pH sensors and micro free-flow electrophoresis
Herzog, Christin; Beckert, Erik; Nagl, Stefan
Journal Article