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2021Development of a quartz crystal sensor system to monitor local soil removal during cleaning in closed food processing lines
Murcek, Roman; Hölzel, Joachim; Köhler, Hannes; Boye, Andrè; Hesse, Max; Mauermann, Marc
Journal Article
2019Development of a method to determine normal and shear stress necessary to remove a swollen soil from a surface
Murcek, Roman; Schöhl, Enrico; Köhler, Hannes; Boye, Andé; Gold, Sabine
Journal Article
2015Effect of structured surfaces on fouling and cleaning behaviour in plate heat exchangers
Murcek, Roman; Fuchs, E.; Boye, Andrè; Joppa, P.; Majschak, Jens-Peter
Conference Paper
2015An experimental comparison of film flow parameters and cleaning behaviour of falling liquid films for different tilt angles
Fuchs, Enrico; Boye, Andrè; Murcek, Roman; Majschak, Jens-Peter
Journal Article
2013Detektion von Lebensmittelkontaminationen
Murcek, Roman
2013Spatially resolved determination of soil layer thickness on surfaces of 3D parts by measuring the fluorescence intensity
Boye, Andrè; Köhler, Hannes; Murcek, Roman; Fuchs, Enrico; Mauermann, Marc; Majschak, Jens-Peter
Journal Article