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2019Lanthanide-doped glasses as frequency-converter for high-power LED applications
Schweizer, S.; Rimbach, A.C.; Mungra, M.; Ahrens, B.; Steudel, F.; Nolte, P.W.
Journal Article
2017Concentration-dependent luminescence and energy transfer in Tb3+/Eu3+ doped borate and fluorozirconate glasses
Loos, S.; Mungra, M.; Ahrens, B.; Leonard, R.L.; Evans, A.; Johnson, J.A.; Steudel, F.; Schweizer, S.
Journal Article
2017Tm/Tb/Eu triple-doped lithium aluminoborate glass for white light generation
Mungra, M.; Steudel, F.; Ahrens, B.; Schweizer, S.
Journal Article