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2007Evaluation of micro structured glass layers as dielectric-and passivation material for wafer level integrated thin film capacitors and resistors
Zoschke, K.; Feige, C.; Wolf, J.; Mund, D.; Töpper, M.; Ehrmann, O.; Schmückle, F.J.; Reichl, H.
Conference Paper
2007Wafer-level glass capping as drop-in for miniaturized, advanced optical COB packaging
Seidemann, V.; Gyenge, O.; Hansen, U.; Heuser, T.; Maus, S.; Mund, D.; Espertshuber, K.; Wilke, R.; Leib, J.
Conference Paper
2005Novel Hermetic WLP Technology using Low-Temperature Passivation
Töpper, M.; Leib, J.; Mund, D.
Conference Paper
2004Novel Microstructuring Technology for Glass on Silicon and Glass - Substrates
Töpper, M.; Mund, D.; Leib, J.
Conference Paper
1994Lärm erhält Dämpfer
Mund, D.
Journal Article