Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Economic Comparison of Reference Solar Thermal Systems for Households in Five European Countries
Louvet, Y.; Fischer, S.; Furbo, S.; Giovannetti, F.; Helbig, S.; Köhl, M.; Mugnier, D.; Philippen, D.; Veynandt, F.; Vajen, K.
Journal Article
2016Low temperature solar thermal applications
Norton, B.; Henning, Hans-Martin; Mugnier, D.
Book Article
2016Quality assurance and support measures for solar cooling on system level
Morgenstern, A.; Fedrizzi, R.; Selke, T.; Beccali, M.; Mugnier, D.; Pietruschka, D.; Neyer, D.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2013Solar Cooling Handbook. 3. comp. rev. ed.
: Henning, H.-M.; Motta, M.; Mugnier, D.
2011Monitoring Results and Conclusions of the Solar Cooling Systems Installed in the Frame of the Project "SOLERA"
Morgenstern, A.; Weber, C.; Nunez, T.; Mauro, A.; Cheze, D.; Boudehenn, F.; Mugnier, D.; Sire, R.; Berger, M.
Conference Paper
2011Solera demonstrator of small scale solar heating and cooling system in INES office building
Chèze, D.; Boudehenn, F.; Papillon, P.; Mugnier, D.; Nunez, T.
Conference Paper
2009Virtual case study on small solar cooling systems within the SolarCombi+ project
Nienborg, B.; Koch, L.; Wiemken, E.; Troi, A.; Besana, F.; Mugnier, D.; Thür, A.; Clauß, V.; Egilegor, B.; Tsekouras, P.
Conference Paper