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2017Adaptive automotive communications solutions of 10 years lifetime enabled by ETSI RRS software reconfiguration technology
Jin, Y.; Ahn, H.; Kim, K.; Choi, S.; Mueck, M.; Frascolla, V.; Haustein, T.
Conference Paper
20165G CHAMPION - rolling out 5G in 2018
Mueck, M.; Strinati, E.C.; Kim, I.-G.; Clemente, A.; Dore, J.-B.; Domenico, A. de; Kim, T.; Choi, T.; Chung, H.K.; Destino, G.; Pärssinen, A.; Pouttu, A.; Latva-aho, M.; Chuberre, N.; Gineste, M.; Vautherin, B.; Monnerat, M.; Frascolla, V.; Fresia, M.; Keusgen, W.; Haustein, T.; Korvala, A.; Pettissalo, M.; Liinamaa, O.
Conference Paper
2016Cognitive wireless communications - A paradigm shift in dealing with radio resources as a prerequisite for the wireless network of the future
Haustein, T.; Stanczak, S.; Wolisz, A.; Jondral, F.; Schotten, H.; Kraemer, R.; Mück, M.; Mennenga, H.; Bender, P.
Journal Article
2014Global standards enabling a 5th generation communications system architecture vision
Mueck, M.D.; Karls, I.; Arefi, R.; Haustein, T.; Weiler, R.J.; Sakaguchi, K.
Conference Paper
2014Licensed shared access for mmWave cellular broadband communications
Mueck, M.D.; Karls, I.; Arefi, R.; Haustein, T.; Keusgen, W.
Conference Paper
2011Digital and dynamic certification in the framework of the novel revised R&TTE Directive in Europe
Mueck, M.D.; Haustein, T.; Bender, P.
Conference Paper
2011The self-growing concept - a novel framework developed by the FP7 CONSERN project
Alonistioti, N.; Schulz, E.; Koudouridis, G.; Delaere, S.; Declerk, J.; Stamatelatos, M.; Emmelmann, M.; Chochliouros, I.P.; Mueck, M.
Conference Paper
2010Cooperative and self-growing energy-aware networks
Alonistioti, N.; Schulz, E.; Merentitis, A.; Stamatelatos, M.; Bochow, B.; Ballon, P.; Mueck, M.; Perre, L. van der; Lewis, T.; Chochliouros, I.
Conference Paper
2010Demand driven evolution of the Cognitive Pilot Channel
Mueck, M.; Haustein, T.
Conference Paper
2010ETSI reconfigurable radio systems: status and future directions on software defined radio and cognitive radio standards
Mück, M.; Piipponen, A.; Kalliojaervi, K.; Dimitrakopoulos, G.; Tsagkaris, K.; Demestichas, P.; Casadevall, F.; Perez-Romero, J.; Sallent, O.; Baldini, G.; Filin, S.; Harada, H.; Debbah, M.; Haustein, T.; Gebert, J.; Deschamps, B.; Bender, P.; Street, M.; Kandeepan, S.; Lota, J.
Journal Article
2010ETSI RRS - The standardization path to next generation cognitive radio systems
Mueck, M.; Muller, P.-J.; Guang, L.; Stamatelatos, M.; Alonistioti, N.; Kalliojarvi, K.; Piipponen, A.; Tsagkaris, K.; Demestichas, P.; Hayar, A.; Gebert, J.; Filin, S.; Harada, H.; Debbah, M.; Baldini, G.; Kandeepan, S.; Biswas, A.R.; Haustein, T.
Conference Paper
2010Towards self-adaptable, scalable, dependable and energy efficient networks: The self-growing concept
Alonistioti, N.; Merentitis, A.; Stamatelatos, M.; Schulz, E.; Zhou, C.; Koudouridis, G.; Bochow, B.; Schuster, M.; Demeester, P.; Ballon, P.; Delaere, S.; Mueck, M.; Drewes, C.; Perre, L.V. der; Declerck, J.; Lewis, T.; Chochliouros, I.
Conference Paper
2008Middleware technologies for enabling next-generation network services and applications
: Magedanz, T.; Mueck, M.; Sarakis, L.; Hasan, M.Z.; Figueira, S.; Soldatos, J.
Conference Proceedings