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2021Feature-Driven Viewpoint Placement for Model-Based Surface Inspection
Mosbach, D.; Gospodnetić, P.; Rauhut, M.; Hamann, B.; Hagen, H.
Journal Article
2020Flexible surface inspection planning pipeline
Gospodnetic, P.; Mosbach, D.; Rauhut, M.; Hagen, H.
Conference Paper
2019Efficient 3D erosion dilation analysis by sub-pixel EDT
Godehardt, M.; Mosbach, D.; Roldan, D.; Schladitz, K.
Conference Paper
2018Characterization of the stress distribution on Nb3Sn Rutherford cables under transverse compression
Wolf, F.; Ebermann, P.; Lackner, F.; Mosbach, Dennis; Scheuerlein, C.; Schladitz, Katja; Schoerling, D.
Journal Article
2014Fast and memory-efficient quantile filter for data in three and higher dimensions
Mosbach, D.; Hagen, H.; Godehardt, M.; Wirjadi, O.
Conference Paper