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2016A decentralized eigenvalue computation method for spectrum sensing based on average consensus
Mohammadi, Jafar; Limmer, Steffen; Stanczak, Slawomir
Journal Article
2016Evaluation of waveforms for mobile radio communications above 6 GHz
Zaidi, A.A.; Luo, J.; Gerzaguet, R.; Wang, H.; Chen, X.M.; Qi, Y.N.; Cassiau, N.; Wolfgang, A.; Vihriälä, J.; Kakkavas, A.; Svensson, T.; Mohammadi, J.; Weiler, R.J.; Dieudonne, M.; Halbauer, H.; Moles-Cases, V.; Miao, H.L.
Conference Paper
2016Strong secrecy and stealth for broadcast channels with confidential messages
Bjelakovic, I.; Mohammadi, J.; Stanczak, S.
Conference Paper
2015Joint spectrum sensing and jamming detection with correlated channels in cognitive radio networks
Mohammadi, J.; Stanczak, S.; Zheng, M.
Conference Paper
2015A simple algorithm for approximation by nomographic functions
Limmer, S.; Mohammadi, J.; Stanczak, S.
Conference Paper
2013Energy-efficient node selection for cooperative spectrum sensing with spatial correlation
Mohammadi, J.; Penna, F.; Stanczak, S.; Kasparick, M.
Conference Paper
2012Concurrent transmission versus time sharing in Gaussian interference channels
Zheng, M.; Mohammadi, J.; Stanczak, S.; Yu, H.
Conference Paper
2012Secrecy capacity limits of multiple antenna multiple eavesdropper multicast
Mohammadi, J.; Kaliszan, M.; Stanczak, S.; Schreck, J.
Conference Paper
2011Iterative distributed channel probing for cognitive radios with power-controlled wireless links
Mohammadi, J.; Stanczak, S.; Cavalcante, R.L.G.; Etesami, J.
Conference Paper