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2020Application lifecycle management for industrial iot devices in smart grid use cases
Cejka, S.; Kintzler, F.; Müllner, L.; Knorr, F.; Mittelsdorf, M.; Schumann, J.
Conference Paper
2020EV Charge Management taking into account Grid State and Forecast Uncertainties
Groß, A.; Mittelsdorf, M.; Schumann, J.
Conference Paper
2019Bidirectional inductive charging systems economical in the electricity grid
Schumann, P.; Borrmann, D.; Mahajan, A.; Mittelsdorf, M.; Schember, T.
Conference Paper
2018Large scale rollout of smart grid services
Kintzler, F.; Gawron-Deutsch, T.; Cejka, S.; Schulte, J.; Uslar, M.; Veith, E.; Piatkowska, E.; Smith, P.; Kupzog, F.; Sandberg, H.; Chong, M.S.; Umsonst, D.; Mittelsdorf, M.
Conference Paper
2018Potential and limitation of controlled charging of electric vehicle for PV self-consumption maximisation in private households
Mittelsdorf, M.; Groß, A.; Schumann, J.; Kohrs, R.
Conference Paper