Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Low-Complexity and High-Accuracy Semi-blind Joint Channel and Symbol Estimation for Massive MIMO-OFDM
Miranda, R.K.; Costa, J.P.C.L. da; Guo, B.H.; Almeida, A.L.F. de; Galdo, G. del; Sousa, R.T. de
Journal Article
2018Broadband beamforming via frequency invariance transformation and PARAFAC decomposition
Miranda, R.K.; Da Costa, J.P.C.L.; Del Galdo, G.; Römer, F.
Conference Paper
2018Time-Delay estimation via CPD-GEVD applied to tensor-based GNSS arrays with errors
De Lima, D.V.; Da Costa, J.P.C.L.; Antreich, F.; Miranda, R.K.; Del Galdo, G.
Conference Paper
2017ESPRIT-Hilbert-Based Audio Tampering Detection With SVM Classifier for Forensic Analysis via Electrical Network Frequency
Reis, P.M.G.I.; Costa, J.P.C.L. da; Miranda, R.K.; Galdo, G. del
Journal Article
2017Radiofrequency energy harvesting system based on a rectenna array in urban environments
Milanezi, J.; Ferreira, R.S.; Costa, J.P.C.L. da; Galdo, G. del; Miranda, R.K.; Felber, W.; Freitas, E.P. de
Conference Paper
2016PCA-Kalman based load forecasting of electric power demand
Ribeiro, L.D.X.; Milanezi, J.; Costa, J.P.C.L. da; Giozza, W.F.; Miranda, R.K.; Vieira, M.V.
Conference Paper