Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Analysis of NMR Spectra of Submicro-Containers with Biocide DCOIT
Aidarova, S.B.; Issayeva, A.B.; Sharipova, A.A.; Grigoriev, D.O.; Miller, R.; Seilkhanov, T.M.; Babayev, A.A.; Issakhov, M.O.
Journal Article
2019Selection and study of alkoxysilanes as loading in submicrocapsules for self-lubricating coatings
Tleuova, A.; Schenderlein, M.; Mutaliyeva, B.; Aidarova, S.; Sharipova, A.; Bekturganova, N.; Miller, R.; Grigoriev, D.O.
Journal Article
2017From Enzymes to Functional Materials - Towards Activation of Small Molecules
Möller, F.; Piontek, S.; Miller, R.G.; Apfel, U.-P.
Journal Article
2017Microencapsulation of insulin and its release using w/o/w double emulsion method
Mutaliyeva, B.; Grigoriev, D.; Madybekova, G.; Sharipova, A.; Aidarova, S.; Saparbekova, A.; Miller, R.
Journal Article
2015Flexible thermoresponsive nanomembranes at the aqueous-air interface
Cramer, A.D.; Gambinossi, F.; Wischerhoff, E.; Laschewsky, A.; Miller, R.; Ferri, J.K.
Journal Article
2014Understanding the materials, electrical and reliability impact of Al-addition to ZrO2 for BEOL compatible MIM capacitors
Triyoso, D.H.; Chu, S.; Seidel, K.; Weinreich, W.; Yiang, K.-Y.; Nolan, M.G.; Brunco, D.P.; Rinderknecht, J.; Utess, D.; Kyono, C.; Miller, R.; Park, J.; Cheng, L.; Liebau, M.; Lomtscher, P.; Fox, R.
Conference Paper
2013Self-assembled peptide amphiphiles function as multivalent binder with increased hemagglutinin affinity
Hüttl, C.; Hettrich, C.; Miller, R.; Paulke, B.-R.; Henklein, P.; Rawel, H.; Bier, F.F.
Journal Article
2010Foam films from oppositely charged polyelectolyte/surfactant mixtures: Effect of polyelectrolyte and surfactant hydrophobicity on film stability
Kristen, N.; Vüllings, A.; Laschewsky, A.; Miller, R.; Klitzing, R. von
Journal Article
2010Proceedings of the 2009 National Toxicology Program Satellite Symposium
Elmore, S.; Bach, U.; Hailey, J.; Hill, G.; Kaufmann, W.; Latimer, K.; Malarkey, D.; Maronpot, R.; Miller, R.; Moore, R.; Morrison, J.; Nolte, T.; Rinke, M.; Rittinghausen, S.; Suttie, A.; Travlos, G.; Vahle, J.; Willson, G.
Journal Article
2009No charge reversal at foam film surfaces after addition of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes?
Kristen, N.; Simulescu, V.; Vüllings, A.; Laschewsky, A.; Miller, R.; Klitzing, R. von
Journal Article
2008Adaptive, embedded, and disruptive foresigt: Recent evolution in anticipatory systems
Miller, R.; Warnke, P.
Conference Paper
2004EN 927 - benefits for the industrial and professional wood coating process
Hora, G.; Miller, R.
Conference Paper
2004High power microwaves - measures and countermeasures
Kashyap, S.; Mende, H.; Palisek, L.; Krogager, E.; Chevalier, B.; Römer, B.; Suhrke, M.; Leersum, B.J.A.M. van; Clemens, C.H.M.; Bladel, A.J.M. van; Arnesen, O.H.; Miller, R.A.; Parkes, D.; Stoudt, D.C.; Andreadis, T.D.; Latess, J.; Moc, J.
Conference Paper
2001Respiratory system and mesothelium
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Book Article