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2014Low phonon energy fluorozirconate-based glass ceramics for efficient rare-earth luminescence
Pfau, C.; Skrzypczak, U.; Miclea, M.; Seifert, G.; Ahrens, B.; Schweizer, S.
Conference Paper
2011Low phonon energy BaCl2 nanocrystals in Nd3+-doped fluorozirconate glasses and their influence on the photoluminescence properties
Pfau, C.; Skrzypczak, U.; Miclea, M.; Bohley, C.; Miclea, P.-T.; Schweizer, S.
Conference Paper
2011Time-resolved investigations of erbium ions in ZBLAN-based glasses and glass ceramics
Skrzypczak, U.; Miclea, M.; Stalmashonak, A.; Ahrens, B.; Henke, B.; Seifert, G.; Johnson, J.A.; Schweizer, S.
Journal Article
2011Z-scan characterization of zwitterionic chromophores for optoelectronic switching
Skrzypczak, U.; Williams, G.V.M.; Miclea, M.; Bhuiyan, M.D.H.; Janseens, S.; Schweizer, S.
Journal Article
2002Characterization of a high-pressure microdischarge using diode laser atomic absorption spectroscopy
Penache, C.; Miclea, M.; Bräuning-Demian, A.; Hohn, O.; Schössler, S.; Jahnke, T.; Niemax, K.; Schmidt-Böcking, H.
Journal Article