Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
20203D HR-EBSD Characterization of the plastic zone around crack tips in tungsten single crystals at the micron scale
Kalácska, Szilvia; Ast, Johannes; Ispánovity, Péter Dusán; Michler, Johann; Maeder, Xavier
Journal Article
2020Effect of high strain rates and temperature on the micromechanical properties of 3D-printed polymer structures made by two-photon lithography
Rohbeck, Nadia; Ramachandramoorthy, Rajaprakash; Casari, Daniele; Schürch, Patrik; Edwards, Thomas E.J.; Schilinsky, Laura; Philippe, Laetitia; Schwierdrzik, Jakob; Michler, Johann
Journal Article
2020Local mechanical properties at the dendrite scale of Ni-Based superalloys studied by advanced high temperature indentation creep and micropillar compression tests
Haußmann, Lukas; Neumeier, Steffen; Kolb, Markus; Ast, Johannes; Mohanty, Gaurav; Michler, Johann; Göken, Mathias
Conference Paper
2020Novel micro-scale specimens for mode-dependent fracture testing of brittle materials: A case study on GaAs single crystals
Ast, Johannes; Schwiedrzik, Jakob; Rohbeck, Nadia; Maeder, Xavier; Michler, Johann
Journal Article