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2020Accuracy of Hybrid Functionals with Non-Self-Consistent Kohn-Sham Orbitals for Predicting the Properties of Semiconductors
Skelton, J.M.; Gunn, D.S.D.; Metz, S.; Parker, S.C.
Journal Article
2020On the influence of the anodic porous transport layer on PEM electrolysis performance at high current densities
Lickert, T.; Kiermaier, M.L.; Bromberger, K.; Ghinaiya, J.; Metz, S.; Fallisch, A.; Smolinka, T.
Journal Article
2019Using irradiation effect to study the disparate anchoring stabilities of polar-organic molecules adsorbed on bulk and thin-film metal surfaces
Arumugam, K.; Chen, H.-M.; Dai, J.-H.; Gao, M.-F.; Goyal, A.; Lin, M.-K.; Nakayama, Y.; Pi, T.-W.; Metz, S.; Papadopoulos, T.A.; Jeng, H.-T.; Tang, S.-J.
Journal Article