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2017Thermal analysis of a BIPV system by various modelling approaches
Assoa, Y.B.; Mongibello, L.; Carr, A.; Kubicek, B.; Machado, M.; Merten, J.; Misara, S.; Roca, F.; Sprenger, W.; Wagner, M.; Zamini, S.; Baenas, T.; Malbranche, P.
Journal Article
2014Strategic Vision on PV Research Infrastructure in Europe
Kroon, J.; Bruijne, M. de; Bennett, I.; Arrowsmith, G.; Malbranche, P.; Merten, J.; Assoa, Y.B.; Taylor, N.; Georgyvan, S.; Lauermann, I.; Hüpkes, J.; Siefer, G.; Köhl, M.; Warta, W.; Roca, F.; Theologitis, I.
Conference Paper
2012NGCPV: A new generation of concentrator photovoltaic cells, modules and systems
Cristóbal, A.; Marti, A.; Sala, G.; Bett, A.; Ekins-Daukes, N.J.; Roca, F.; Luque-Heredia, I.; Warmuth, W.; Merten, J.; Okada, Y.; Hishikawa, Y.; Takamoto, T.; Araki, K.; Fukuyama, A.; Kuze, N.; Kita, T.; Kotagiri, A.; Yamaguchi, M.; Luque, A.
Conference Paper
2009Electric mobility and photovoltaics - the low voltage grid on the way to energy autonomy?
Vetter, M.; Schwunk, S.; Merten, J.; Barruel, F.; Wiss, O.
Conference Paper
2002Analysis of battery current microcycles in autonomous renewable energy-systems
Ruddell, A.J.; Dutton, A.G.; Wenzl, H.; Ropeter, C.; Sauer, D.U.; Merten, J.; Orfanogiannis, C.; Twidell, J.W.; Vezin, P.
Journal Article
2000Energy limitation for better energy service to the user: First results of applying energy dispenser in multi-user PV stand-alone systems
Vallve, X.; Merten, J.; Preiser, K.; Schulz, M.
Conference Paper