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20163D TSV based high frequency components for RF IC and RF MEMS applications
Fernandez-Bolanos, M.; Vitale, W.A.; López, M.M.; Ionescu, A.M.; Klumpp, A.; Merkel, R.; Weber, J.; Ramm, P.; Ocket, I.; Raedt, W. de; Enayati, A.
Conference Paper
2015Fine pitch 3D-TSV based high frequency components of RF MEMS applications
Vitale, W.A.; Fernandez-Bolanos, M.; Merkel, R.; Enayati, A.; Ocker, I.; Raedt, W. de; Weber, J.; Ramm, P.; Ionescu, A.M.
Conference Paper
2015Surface topography enhances differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells towards osteogenic and adipogenic lineages
Abagnale, G.; Steger, M.; Nguyen, V.H.; Hersch, N.; Sechi, A.; Joussen, S.; Denecke, B.; Merkel, R.; Hoffmann, B.; Dreser, A.; Schnakenberg, U.; Gillner, A.; Wagner, W.
Journal Article
2010Silicon-interposer with high density Cu-filled TSVs
Wieland, R.; Zoschke, K.; Jürgensen, N.; Merkel, R.; Nebrich, L.; Wolf, J.
Conference Paper
20073D system integration
Klumpp, A.; Merkel, R.; Ramm, P.; Wieland, R.
Conference Paper
20073D-integrated Si- and SiGe CMOS-devices by ICV-SLID technology
Wieland, R.; Ecke, R.; Klumpp, A.; Merkel, R.; Schulz, S.E.; Ramm, P.
Conference Paper
20053D integration of CMOS transistors with ICV-SLID technology
Wieland, R.; Bonfert, D.; Klumpp, A.; Merkel, R.; Nebrich, L.; Weber, J.; Ramm, P.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2005In situ defect etching of strained-Si layers with HCl gas
Kreuzer, S.; Bensch, F.; Merkel, R.; Vogg, G.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2005Strain stabilization of SiGe films on Si(001) by in situ pre-epitaxial HCL etching
Vogg, G.; Bensch, F.; Kreuzer, S.; Merkel, R.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2004Vertical system integration by using inter-chip vias and solid-liquid interdiffusion bonding
Klumpp, A.; Merkel, R.; Ramm, P.; Weber, J.; Wieland, R.
Journal Article
2004Vertical System Integration Technology for High Speed Applications by Using Inter-Chip Vias and Solid-Liquid Interdiffusion Bonding
Klumpp, A.; Merkel, R.; Weber, J.; Wieland, R.; Elst, G.; Ramm, P.
Book Article
20033D system integration technologies
Ramm, P.; Klumpp, A.; Merkel, R.; Weber, J.; Wieland, R.; Ostmann, A.; Wolf, J.
Conference Paper
2003Chip-to-wafer stacking technology for 3D system integration
Klumpp, A.; Merkel, R.; Wieland, R.; Ramm, P.
Conference Paper
1997Conformal copper deposition in deep trenches
Bollmann, D.; Merkel, R.; Klumpp, A.
Journal Article